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Pho Dac Biet

$13.50 (L)

Bun Dac Biet


Fried rice



13A. Goi cuon chay (2) $5.25

Vegeterian spring roll

13B. Goi cuon tom (2) $5.25

Shrimp spring roll

13C. Goi cuon tom thit bo (2) $5.25

Shrimp and beef brisket spring roll

13D. Goi cuon thit nuong (2) $5.25

Grilled pork spring roll

14A. Cha gio (4) $7.95

Vietnamese pork egg roll

14B. Cha gio chay (4) $6.95

Vegetarian egg roll

14C. Hoanh thanh chien $7.95

Crab cheese wontons

14D. Goi ga $10.95

Chicken Salad

14E. Goi Tom thit bo $10.95

Shirmp and beef salad

14F. Pork dumplings $7.95

Pan Fried pork dumpling

14G. Chicken Wings (6) $9.50

Chicken Wings

14H. Sample platter $8.95

Combination (2 ea) egg roll, pork dumpling and crab cheese wonton

14I. Banh Mi $6.50

Grilled beef, pork or chicken Vietnamese Sandwich

14J. Cha gio tom (4) $8.50

Shrimp egg roll

Bun -Vermicelli Noodle

16. Bun Dac Biet (Special noodle bowl) $13.50

Grilled pork, shrimp, and egg roll

16A. Bun Bo Nuong $12.50

Grilled beef noodle bowl

16B. Bun Heo Nuong $12.50

Grilled pork noodle bowl

16B. Bun Ga Nuong $12.50

Grilled chicken noodle bowl

16B. Bun Tom Nuong $12.50

Grilled shrimp noodle bowl

16B. Bun cha gio $12.50

Egg roll noodle bowl

Mon Xao - Stir Fried

16F. Com Chien $11.95

Fried rice with choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp

Vegetarian with Tofu $11.50

Seafood or Combination $12.95

16.G Pad Thai $12.50

Shrimp, Chicken or Tofu

16H. Bo Luc Lac (Diced Steak) $14.95

Cubed Beef tenderloin stir-fried with soy sauce, butter, garlic and black pepper

16I. Bo/Ga xao bong cai $12.95

Beef or chicken sauteed with broccoli

16J. Bun bo xao $12.95

Stir-fried beef with lemongrass vermicelli

16K. Mi xao bo, ga, hoac Tom $12.95

Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Sauteed Beef, Chicken, or Shrimp and Vegetable

16L. Bun Chay $11.95

Stir-fried mixed vegetable, tofu and egg roll vermicelli noodle bowl

Com - Rice Plate

Plate of steamed rice topped with marinated grilled meats. Served with lettuce, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato and pickled carrot. Accompanied with special house sauce.

15. Com Dac Biet* (Combination) $14.50

Combination Rice Plate (Grilled beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, fried egg and egg roll)

15A. Com bo nuong $13.50

Rice with Grilled Beef

15B. Com heo nuong $13.50

Rice with Grilled Pork

15C. Com ga nuong $13.50

Rice with Grilled Chicken

15D. Com Tom Nuong $13.50

Rice with Grilled shrimp

15E. Com Chay Cha Gio Chay $12.95

Rice with mixed vegetable and veggie egg roll

15F. Com Suon Trung * $13.95

Rice with Pork Chop and Fried Egg

15G. Sesame chicken/shrimp $12.50/$12.95

Rice with Chicken or Shrimp Sesame Sauce

Pho - Beef Noodle Soup

Tradition Vietnamese Noodle in Beef Broth served with bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapenos

Large $13.50 Medium $12.50 Small $11.50

1. Pho Bo Vien

Beef Meat Ball

2. Tai *

Rare Steak

3. Tai Sach *

Rare steak and Tripe

4. Tai Gan *

Rare steak and tendon

5. Tai Nam *

Rare Steak and Well Done Flank

6. Tai Chin *

Rare Steak Well done Brisket

7. Chin Nam Ve don

Well Done Brisket and Flank

8. Pho Dac Biet (Combination)

Rare Steak, Well Done Flank, Brisket, Tendon and Tripe

9. Chin nam gau gan sach

Well Done Flank, Brisket, Tendon and Tripe

10. Pho Chin

Well Done Brisket

11. Pho Ga

White Meat Chicken

12. Pho Do Bien (+$1.00

Shrimp, Imitation Crap Meat and Shrimp Ball

12A. Pho Chay

Vegetarian Noodle Soup

Them Thit $2.95

Extra Meat

Them Banh Pho $1.95

Extra noodles

Them Soup $ 4.00

Extra Soup